Life in Point Form

So here it is, blogsters – updates on what has been happening for the past few days in point form. Cause I’m busy lazy like that.

  • I wore leggings to work today, because…comfort
  • Leggings may or may not have something to do with the fact that I have eaten like crap all week (hint: it does). Burgers from The Works on Monday, pub food on Tuesday and deep-fried Cadbury Creme Eggs at Baker St. Station last night. It was amazing. A luscious Creme Egg, deep-fried to a golden brown with a molten centre. It was beautiful. Add to it that it was surrounded by little nuggets that turned out to be battered Mini Eggs. Purrrrrrr…..
  • Check out my Instagram for pictures of those deep-fried beauties (username: ash_a_leigh_ or follow the handy link at the top right hand side of the page)
  • Tomorrow someone is coming to my apartment to take pictures to list it. I hate this. I do not like people in my personal space, and I hate the idea of having to clean and keep the apartment in pristine condition to have strangers traipse through my flat.
  • My mother wants me to come home for Easter dinner. As much as I want to see her and my Auntie, I cannot justify driving 3 hours round trip for dinner. I may just make myself a little turkey dinner on Sunday just for me.
  • Also on the menu for this weekend – these fabulous looking empanadas. Love me some Mexican food!
  • I got GREAT news from Misty this week. Her mum recently had a double mastectomy and this week we got the news that her mum is completely cancer free!! I was ecstatic to hear this news. I haven’t blogged about this experience at all because in all honestly, it wasn’t really my story to tell. Misty however, wrote a beautiful entry on her blog documenting her feelings. You should check it out.
  • I have been having weird, weird dreams about a boy from my past. My high school boyfriend to be exact. I haven’t seen him since I was about 19, although we were Facebook friends briefly (before I quit the FB). In the past month or so I have had about 5 dreams about him. I always find it really strange when I dream about someone I haven’t seen in years. It makes me wonder how many people dream about me.
  • I still have not finished A Breath of Snow and Ashes. Maybe writing about it on the blog will motivate me to put in the time to finish this behemoth of a book.

I think that’s all for now. If I don’t make it back to this space before next week, I wish you all a very happy Easter.

Resolutions – First Quarter Check In

At the beginning of the year I made a list of resolutions – two large and a bunch of smaller ones. Below is how I am doing three months (plus a few cheeky weeks) into the year.

1. Lose 20 lbs - Okay – this has not been great. I actually gained a few pounds after I wrote the initial post, then dropped them, so last week I was about the same as I was when I wrote my initial post. But last weekend….well…..I never eat well when I go home to visit my parents. Home cooked meals, ritual trip to McDonald’s before bingo with my 90-year-old aunt, and jetting from sister, to Misty, to mother, and back again leaves me drained. Today I am up a few pounds from last week. BUT, I have been going to spin class more lately, tracking my food on My Fitness Pal (username is ashleighbog if you want to follow me), and I have gone for my first outdoor run of the season. I really think the nicer weather and moving to the new place will help me achieve my goals. Now that I will be driving to and from work, I literally have to drive past my gym. I am not naïve enough to think there won’t be days where I keep driving, but I am much more likely to go than I am now. It’s much harder to find motivation to go the gym once I am home in my warm apartment.

2. Reduce my credit card debt by 25% - Done! Kind of? In my first post I mentioned that I wanted to buy a house. Well, I did! When I applied for my mortgage I also got a line of credit to pay off my credit card. Lower interest rate and scheduled monthly payments mean that this debt will be paid off in two years but I think it’s actually going to be rolled into my mortgage, so technically the credit card debt will be completely gone by the end of May. That being said – I now have waaaay more debt than before, but a mortgage is technically considered good debt, so this one is a win!

Smaller Goals

These are goals that are less measurable than the big ones above, and with the exception of one, are kind of done or not done. Not really a path I am following, but just little things I would like to accomplish by this time next year.

  • Read 20 books – 2 of 20. I need to make more time to read and stop reading books with over 100o pages! Damn you, Outlander!
  • Go to the farmers market at 7:00 am (right when it opens!) – doing this in the summer. Mike wants to join!
  • Run a 5k – this will be scheduled in the fall after I have all summer to enjoy running outside
  • purge all the junk in my bedroom that I have been meaning to throw away since I moved – done! Moving motivated me!
  • organize the corner cupboard with all the pots and pans (seriously, its like the worlds worst game of Jenga in that cupboard) – this will be done when I move
  • do NaNoWriMo - In November (that’s the No of NaNoWriMo)
  • one week completely TV free – I’m thinking this will happen in Nov to help with NaNoWriMo
  • get an “excellent” on my French report card – latest report was last week, no excellent, but I got 15 Tres Biens, that’s 8 more than last semester!

So, I’m making progress. I really think my next update will have more things checked off the list. I am getting serious about the weight loss. Hearing my mother ask me why I think I’m fat was really humbling. I am definitely not fat, but I am rounder than I want to be. I am built like Marilyn Monroe (no joke), so I’m never going to look like Keira Knightly, but by cracking down on the high calorie meals and getting back into running, I think I can take a few pounds off.

My next update will be in late June early July, so stay tuned for my progress!


April Showers

When I was in my first year of university I lived in the largest student residence in Canada. It housed over 1800 students. You know those ivy covered old buildings you see in movies? Yeah, it was nothing like that. It was massive, concrete and modern back when it was built in 1968.

Fun Fact: The architect who designed my residence also helped design the CN Tower

Another thing you should know is that in the centre of campus we have a cannon. His name is Old Jeremiah. It is campus tradition to paint the cannon to celebrate different events. Pep rallies, department events, parties, even engagements are all announced on Old Jeremiah. Students paint him in the dead of night and he looks different almost every day. See?



So, way back in the day – April 1, 2001 I woke up, grabbed my shower caddy and plodded to the bathroom to take my morning shower. I get into my preferred shower and to go turn on the water but there are no taps. Strange. I go into the next shower (the gross one no one liked) and again, no taps. I decide to go up one alcove and try the showers there. Again, no taps on either of the showers. Confused, I went back to my room to see if the roommates knew anything about what was happening. That’s when I noticed the crowd in the room across the hall. While most rooms housed between 1-3 students, there were “quads” that held 4 students and had their own bathroom. Apparently there were no taps in the ENTIRE residence. Over 110 bathrooms had been robbed of their taps and thus lines were forming outside the quads of the people nice enough to volunteer the use of their shower for their hallmates.

I didn’t take a shower that morning. There was no time before my class. On my way to McKinnon I passed by Old Jeremiah where I saw allllllll our faucets lined up on the cannon, around the cannon, in pretty little designs, stacked and piled. All I could do was laugh. To think that some one came up with the idea to steal all the taps, organize a night-time raid and then displayed them right in the middle of campus was brilliant. To date it is one of my favourite April Fool’s day pranks.

Happy April Fool’s Day, Blogsters!


I am out of things to say. Six caught me by surprise. I knew it was coming, but I made it until almost 10 am before I realized it was today. It used to be the first thing I thought about in the morning. Every  morning.

I will never forget you. I never could. I still think about you all the time, but for now I am happy my grief no longer consumes me. I like to think that would make you happy too.