Resolutions – The Halfway Point

At the beginning of the year I made a list of resolutions – two large and a bunch of smaller ones. Well, it’s half way through the year, so it’s just about time to check in and see how much progress is being made.

1. Lose 20 lbs – Okay, just like last time, this one isn’t great. I committed to focusing more on this goal after my move and I am really holding myself to it. So much so, that I think there will be a lot more health and fitness posts coming in the future. I have no plans to turn this into a Healthy Living Blog but this blog focuses on my life, and health will be a big part of my life in the upcoming months. I have made some changes recently that I am proud of. I have started bringing my lunch to work much more often (like 3-4 times a week as opposed to maybe once every two weeks) and the lunches I bring are healthy. Frequently in my lunch bag you will see salads with chicken, or ground chicken taco meat (my fave!) over romaine with lotsa veggies, humus and pretzel crisps, sliced red peppers, grapefruit and apples. My work has an awesome cafeteria with a great salad bar, but they also have hot entrees that heavily feature french fries as a side dish. When I don’t bring my lunch, I have to get in a line and more frequently than not I was picking the french fry line. Now I don’t give myself the option. I am also being more conscious about what I eat when I am out for dinner. Last week Misty thought I was texting at the table but really I was comparing calorie counts between salads! I still allow myself treats because I know that completely overhauling a diet is doomed to fail – life without wine is no life at all, but I know these small changes are going to start paying off.

I am also hitting the gym more often. Now that I drive to work, I pass my gym on the way home. At least three nights a week I go in for a work out. I tell myself I have to go for a half an hour. After that I can leave, but I am committed for at least a half hour. This is enough time to get a good sweat on without really impacting my life. I get home at 5:30 and still have a full evening ahead of me. This habit is fairly new, so I am not really seeing any results from it yet, but again, it’s all about starting small and growing.

2. Reduce my credit card debt by 25% – Done! Paid off with a loan at a lower interest rate. I still use my credit card but I am learning to use it responsibly. It gets paid off each month and is only used for big purchases like my new coffee tables or my weekend get away to Ottawa. Honestly, there is no way an 18-year-old should be allowed to have a credit card! I have yet to meet one who knows how to use it responsibly.

Smaller Goals

These are goals that are less measurable than the big ones above, and with the exception of one, are kind of done or not done. Not really a path I am following, but just little things I would like to accomplish by this time next year.

  • Read 20 books – 6 of 20. Big progress since the last update, but I’m a little stalled lately. Need to pick that book back up.
  • Go to the farmers market at 7:00 am (right when it opens!) – Done! When I wrote this goal I though I would go to the Guelph farmer’s market, but I actually went to the big one in St. Jacobs on my staycation.
  • Run a 5k – this will be scheduled in the fall after I have all summer to enjoy running outside
  • purge all the junk in my bedroom that I have been meaning to throw away since I moved – done!
  • organize the corner cupboard with all the pots and pans (seriously, its like the worlds worst game of Jenga in that cupboard) – Done!I have beautiful new corner cupboards in the new place that never get disorganized.
  • do NaNoWriMo – In November (that’s the No of NaNoWriMo)
  • one week completely TV free – I’m thinking this will happen in Nov to help with NaNoWriMo
  • get an “excellent” on my French report card –Done! I actually got two on my most recent report. I was very excited to see them!

I can see that my focus has shifted from money to weight. It’s really no surprise that these two issues go hand in hand and I can tell you with absolute certainty that getting a handle on my finances has really motivated me to get a handle on my weight. Again, I think you will start to see this trend in the blog. Another update will be coming around the end of September, after all the summer fun and my birthday. Hopefully there will be some good news to share.

How are you doing with your goals, Blogsters?

Wednesday, I Own You

Today was a good day! Why? Well, last night I packed up my work stuffs, packed a healthy lunch (taco salad, FTW), packed a gym bag and even set the coffee to brew at 6:20 am. That means today, I woke up to a fresh pot of coffee, worked hard, ate a healthy balanced lunch, went to the gym (!!!), came home and did chores before settling down to watch Big Brother. Oh, in the midst of all this I also planned and booked a mini-break to Ottawa.

Life? I’ve got this.

Happy Canada Day From The Hinterland

Happy Canada Day, blogsters! You know that each year I like to celebrate Canada Day by giving you a little taste of Canadiana. This little gem airs regularly on Canadian television, and while this Hinterland Who’s Who is a classic, there are more modern versions that still air today. I remember this specific one from my childhood. The theme song brings back a lot of memories. Enjoy!

Wishing you all a very happy Canada Day and remember, if you have one too many Mooseheads, don’t drive home, eh.


To say I’m a “daddy’s girl” is a huge understatement. We are probably too alike for our own good. No matter what has happened in my life you have always been there to support me and guide me. You taught me to appreciate music, baseball, and being out in nature. You rode roller coasters, attended musicals, braided hair, “performed surgery” on ripped stuffies and spent each weekend ensuring we had a great time together.

I love you to the moon and back, dad.  Happy Father’s Day!


Your Husband Is Looking At My Boobs….And He Likes It


Reblogging this from BFF’s blog. I brought the blog post she writes about to her attention and I am glad she was able to write about it so elegantly. I was far too angry. I still am. The perpetuation of this rape culture and slut shaming, the idea that men are animals unable to control their baser instincts, so it is up to us women to protect them from themselves makes me rage. It is infuriating. I am so upset that in this day, more than 40 years past the feminist revolution, people still think like this, let alone educated, first world women. Please read and share your comments.

Originally posted on Min's Musings:

STOP!! Before you read any further, please click on the link below and read one woman’s take on social media and how it’s affecting her marriage:

I am in a slight rage about this. At lunch today I received an email from the BFF encouraging me to read this blog post and rage along with her.  There are several reasons I am angry about such a dangerous blog post circulating, but first I feel like some disclaimers are needed:

1) I believe in freedom of speech, and am in no way condemning people from speaking their truths. That being said, I am exercising my right to do the same in response to a moronic, backward way of thinking that is a horrible example for teenage girls and of marriage.

2) I try not to judge people, especially for the lifestyles they choose to live. But if you post tripe…

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I took the week after my move off to get settled in and enjoy my new surroundings. Also, this little button is notoriously bad with change, so I wanted to make sure that I was around for the first few days to make sure she was comfortable and not tearing up my new furniture.


She actually handled the move fairly well, although she cried the entire time I was in the shower the day after we moved in. I called to her from the shower, “I’m right here, Milah. It’s okay” but she continued to wander around crying. At one point she even popped her head into the shower so she could cry right at me. As soon as I got out of the shower though she was fine, and other than the odd jump when the dishwasher or washing machine are running, she has been really comfortable in the new place.

Despite Mimi’s distress with me in the shower and the fact that I was still utterly exhausted, I was up early on Sunday morning and headed to the University of Guelph to see Chris Hadfield speak. He was speaking as part of the Impact! Youth Sustainability Conference, which is sponsored by my company, so I was lucky to have the opportunity through work to see him. It was such an incredible experience. Commander Hadfiled spoke about what it is like to launch from Earth into space, his fear of heights and goal setting. He was charming and fascinating. I actually downloaded his book a few nights ago, and cannot wait to read it. I also got to see Rob, who just returned home from a trip to Scotland, full of fabulous gifts, including a little something for Nico and Natalia.



I spent the early part of the week running errands to the doctor, stocking the fridge and making trips to Target and Home Depot. I planted my little urban garden, full of tomatoes, jalapenos, cilantro, chives, parsley, basil and oregano. I would love to have a big yard where I could plant a real vegetable garden, but for now this is enough. I looooove tomatoes and cannot get enough of them in the summer, so it will be nice to have my own stash.



Since my tomatoes will take a few weeks to grow, on Thursday I headed out to the St. Jacobs farmers market to stock up on veggies and other delicious offerings. I took home a bunch of peppers, hot italian and honey garlic sausages, cheese curds, tomatoes, some amazing pita chips and baba ganoush and the biggest onion I have ever seen!


Its been a few years since I have been to St. Jacobs and I really feel like I could have spent a lot of money on all the fresh produce and yummy treats. I probably could have spent a good hundred dollars on the olive oils and specialty vinegars.


Friday I was off to Burlington to do some shopping (curse you weight gain!!) and to pick up some stuff from Ikea. The trip was great but the results were not. The curtain rod I bought was way too long since I didn’t bother to measure the length of my closet before I left. Total rookie move. The desk chair I bought was hideous. The box said the chair was black, which I guess is technically true, but the seat of the chair has some funky black and white pattern that I just hate. The curtains covering my closet are also too long, so I will have to get my aunt to hem them. Why curtains over my bedroom closet you ask? Well, as I noted when I bought the condo, the bedroom is a tad small, so to save some space I put my dresser in the closet. Genius, right? Well, the problem was that it was going to be difficult to open the drawers of the dresser with the way the closet doors were positioned, so I removed them and decided to put a curtain up instead. Obviously, there is no way I could hang a curtain myself. Thankfully, I have some great friends, and Mike installed it with no problems!


Saturday was technically the last day I had my old apartment. There were still a few things left to do at the old place, like remove some old furniture that was going to the dump, grab my full length mirror and freezer food which was all left behind by accident. Mike met me with his truck and we moved out all the old furniture. The coffee table we tossed was actually a wedding gift to my parents from my Nan, and the couches were purchased after my dad left and took a lot of our furniture. Old. I was glad to be rid of them. I am now the original owner of all of my furniture. A goal I have had for some time! Before I locked up the apartment for the last time, I shot this video -

I spent a lot of great years in that apartment. I fell in love, I fell in lust (and quickly back out again), I got my dream job and spent countless amazing evenings with friends. Bottles of wine were consumed, laughs were had, tears were cried, and I will definitely miss that old apartment. It’s where I grew up.